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Saturday, June 23, 2012

top of the hill

Recently I'm so in love with all these photos captured from top view.
Look at the beautiful set-up, beautiful cutlery & utensils and also the cleanliness of food.
I'm going to do all these when I have my home sweet home with my lover :) #thesecret

Source from instagram. follow them @monchouchou/ @rie_nakashima/ @hany73/ @haruyonakano/ @alice_gao
Most of them are from Japan! :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Completed 2012 Resolution

Talk about my 2012 new year resolution, proudly and happy to say, I have completed almost half!

My 2012 new year resolution!

1. Get a diver licence
Got it on April 2012!

2. Close more sales, with minimum defects!
Not much sales yet! but will work hard on the next half year! Finger crossed!

3. Manage my finance, and save more $$$
I have some saving now, but need to invest into the online store. Does that count?

4. My every year resolution - to slim down?!
My body is OK now. Will keep an eye onto eating habits and exercise more.

5. Get ready for online business
YES. I AM! Stay tune!

6. Taiwan trip
Taiwan trip change to Shanghai trip. I think it counts! At least a distance travel once a year :)

7. Get me a lomo camera
OK. Perhaps end of the year for birthday/ christmas/ new year gift.

8. Mac book Pro
YES. Will get it TODAY! fresh from the oven :)

9. To make my dear love me more!
YES. I believe I did! and he does.