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Friday, July 24, 2009


Is July 24! time flies, and im ready to go for my trip... oh ya, forgot to update you all that my sydney trip is remain back to track. my boss (frank) told me last week, that we will still go for this trip, since H1N1 is considered as 'worldwide disease' now. we are not going to pay for admin fees to cancel 4 flight tickets and also not going to lose this chance to attend the design exhibition. so, the final decision has made.
they (frank, his wife n little daughter) will depart tmr am, and i will only depart by myself on tues evening.
last night, i bought myself a new luggage, as my prev luggage is old and is canvas made, not so good for travelling esp when it is raining! this new luggage is very fanciful (don't you think so?), and it is PINK! in fact, i will try to avoid pink color, no matter for apparel, personal belongings, etc... but this is the nicest color i found. the other 2 available colors are yellow (mustard yellow), and black.

here is goes.. my brand new pink luggage.

i started to gather some necessary items for trip, all samples are very good to use for travelling! p/s: i bought mask for myself.. just in case...

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Design Studios"

"Kawakong designworks" page

today is friday, but i din plan for any activities for tonight. so, i went to Page One alone, as i'm "craving" for new books since this morning. wanted to add some chinese books to my bookshelve, but eventually, i din manage to get any.
Page one is having some design books campaign, and i bought this --- "SMALL STUDIOS", a very thick book, value for money? ($64.09 before 20% discount)... introducing 100 nos. of small studios (small studios = 2-3 person who run the company in a small office or soho) around the world (western & Asia), all are from design field for sure.
this book showcased the owner of each design studio --- how they develop their business, how different to work from a big company and small company, etc.. it also showcase their portfolio....
very inspiring, i hope i can be 1 of them very soon. and proudly speaking, there are 2 small studios from Malaysia Truly Asia featured in this book! Both are "Grain Studio" and "Kawakong Designworks".
talk about design, i'm abit confused lately. i think i'm in love with graphic (2D) more than interior (3D)... :(
is that sad to find out? i don't know. i guess this is because i'm doing interior in commercial line (mostly for offices, and offices in this region are all very.........ahem....) for almost 4 years, office client are very corporate and there is not much design that we can apply on, as they always see practicality as priority. in order to meet practicality and functionality, we have to give up aesthetically or design intention. If we insist on design intention, in this "pitching industry", we will lose the job for sure...!
this month, work is not that busy, as few of the projects were handed-over. finally, we can start on our "self-initiated" project, which we always like to talk about, but never have the time to start off.
we are planning to do a product (cannot reveal now... :P), and make it as corporate gift + sell it out as x'mas present for this year.
because of this project, i started to do self-learning on how to use Adobe Illustrator this few days, as i feel the tool in Photoshop is limited for me to do what i intend to do.
from what i'm doing this few days, i really fall in love with this "graphic designing" activities :P besides that, i'm also very amazed by all the editor of books and magazine, i wonder how they come out with such a great planning/ layout and graphic edit. salute.......! ^^

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bye, chenxi

bye chenxi...

my "son" from world vision child sponsorship programme has been removed, as he and his family moved to a new province at china and withdraw themselve from this programme.
i have sponsored chenxi for almost 3 years when he is only about 2 years old, and this is quite a sad news and shocking news for me!
in this 3 years, i received letters and 2 photos from him.... very cute & adorable little china kid...
in my every letter, i will incl. a little gift (stickers, folding papers, cards..etc..) for him. the last gift i posted to him is color pencils, as from his letter to me, his father told me he is starting to pick up drawings....
i hope he can have a good life.. at least comfortable life in his future, and grow up soon :) i will miss you....

world vision gave me another kid from Hebei, china, and i should say "hello, lixin"....

Friday, July 10, 2009

get away soon!

So finally i have made the decision to travel alone, and the destination is to my favourite country - Hong Kong.
2 days ago, i'm still not sure whether to travel alone ornot, browsing the internet for reserch.... while doing my budgeting on this "get away trip", the airticket is $348 (before insurance & admin fees) quoted by jetstar. and yesterday, when i re-browsed again... just 1 night different, and the price is amazingly lower! i met jetsaver! return airticket is only $213! plus $17 (travel insurance) & $6 admin fees, the total cost is $236, which is $114 cheaper! if excluded travel insu + admin fees, it is $137 cheaper!
well, i know i din save anything, as i'm spending money!

anyway, i'm excited. 30 days more to wait for my 5 days 4 nights getaway! :)

Hong Kong, here i come....

(i'm totally forget about the H1N1 desease.... but seems like nobody care, right?)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


hehe. souvenir from manila, philipines. :) T-shirt from lomography embassy of Manila.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

偶然独活, 该珍惜而不是叹息

......... 最近有朋友忽然对我概叹,一段接一段的拍拖太久了,根本没有机会回过气来,很想试试单身的滋味。我很明白这不是身在福中不知福的犯贱,与爱得不够的人在一起,固然比单身还可耻,即使相亲相爱,也同时公平的错过了很多单身的快活。







转载自林夕, HK uMagazine Vol. 139, july25 2008

They queue for...

Picture shown: Singaporean like to queue for Louis Vuitton.
This is a new up-coming shopping mall - ION at Orchard Road, nice architecture. wondering how's the interior? :) hope to see more next week.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"design consultant"

最近的工作量多得让我觉得有点想吐,尤其是当老板在国外出差的时候,我的工作量简直是。。。 让我有想要罢工的意思。。

原来,名片上印了所谓的‘design consultant’ 这个头衔,其实背后是藏有危机的。

design consultant- 顾名思义,是设计师的意思。而为何有consultant这个头衔在后面呢?就是因为这位设计师不单只要做设计师该做的东西,还要consult 顾客,consult supplier,consult contractors... 从行政工作开始,到帮公司买文具,tissue paper, 到marketing,到site supervisor,或穿着高跟鞋到工地当清洁工人,或精心化妆到到处铺满灰尘,没有冷气供应的工地,到应酬顾客。。样样都要精通。



Wednesday, July 1, 2009


我想了一下,唯一一个可以成立的答案就是,他没有威胁力。当你遇见一位高大威猛身材倒三角的帅哥,你不会有勇气爱上他,你觉得和他一起没有什么安全感,有条件的人怎么会死守一棵树?如果对方是一位戴金丝眼镜衬衫tug in 的斯文人,你又害怕他过不久递上屋契保险结婚戒指,你才不想那么快结束自由身。

(载自leexinyi/ 5月份《女友》杂志)