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Friday, October 26, 2012

Year 2012

This year seems to be running very fast, November is coming soon. November end I will be heading to Hangzhou + Shanghai, when I'm back, I know I will see Christmas decoration everywhere. So, 2013 is approaching! WOW!

What have I done for this year? 

Well, work are not that tough, but not that easy as well. Indeed selling an over 200, 000 RM kitchen to rich people is stressful, especially during the installation period till the completion. Anyway at least I got to stay for 2 more years, I need those commission to sustain my life, and to expand Tabiyo.

Oh, talk about Tabiyo. Tabiyo is my new "baby" which born on June 12, 2012 :) This is an online shop operate by me and my secondary school mate :) We spend almost 2 months time to make it ready online, research, get stocks etc. Thanks to my full time job, I have some free time to prepare everything and thanks god within this 4 months we have orders coming in from people who love the main products - Midori Traveler's Notebook. 

We are now looking around to add in more products in Tabiyo, which is my so called "hobby". I think I'm seriously in love with different kind of notebook and stationary, especially those with high quality, and from Japan. 

I'm looking forward for more challenges on 2013, and also get ready for more stuff coming in to Tabiyo! Thanks for your continuous support all these while! Feel free to visit www.tabiyo.bigcartel.com. 

How about yours? :D

Friday, September 14, 2012

JFF 2012 - A Good Husband



The heart wrenching love story between a married couple. The jobless husband cheats on his wife and has no love for her. The wife wants to go on a trip to get pregnant. This mismatched husband and wife may find sympathy among other lovers due to the excellent performance between Yakushimaru Hiroko, who was the main character in famous 'Kadokawa movies', and Toyokawa Etsushi, most well known for her role in [Love Letter]. Halfway through the film we understand why the original title of this movie was [A Good Husband This Time] while crying buckets of tears in being able to identify with the characters. 

Written by Pusan International Film Festival  

This is a very nice and meaningful movie. The wife - Sakura was actually died in an accident while they were at Okinawa for holiday. Over the year after Sakura died, the husband is imagining Sakura is still with him in the house, chatting, cooking etc.

At the last scene, husband is hugging his wife, Sakura (imaginative), crying, telling her how much he needs her. "why don't you tell me all these when I'm alive?!" Sakura said. I was crying when I watch this scene. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

top of the hill

Recently I'm so in love with all these photos captured from top view.
Look at the beautiful set-up, beautiful cutlery & utensils and also the cleanliness of food.
I'm going to do all these when I have my home sweet home with my lover :) #thesecret

Source from instagram. follow them @monchouchou/ @rie_nakashima/ @hany73/ @haruyonakano/ @alice_gao
Most of them are from Japan! :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Completed 2012 Resolution

Talk about my 2012 new year resolution, proudly and happy to say, I have completed almost half!

My 2012 new year resolution!

1. Get a diver licence
Got it on April 2012!

2. Close more sales, with minimum defects!
Not much sales yet! but will work hard on the next half year! Finger crossed!

3. Manage my finance, and save more $$$
I have some saving now, but need to invest into the online store. Does that count?

4. My every year resolution - to slim down?!
My body is OK now. Will keep an eye onto eating habits and exercise more.

5. Get ready for online business
YES. I AM! Stay tune!

6. Taiwan trip
Taiwan trip change to Shanghai trip. I think it counts! At least a distance travel once a year :)

7. Get me a lomo camera
OK. Perhaps end of the year for birthday/ christmas/ new year gift.

8. Mac book Pro
YES. Will get it TODAY! fresh from the oven :)

9. To make my dear love me more!
YES. I believe I did! and he does.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

First diving experience

Beautiful sea & sky

April 22 – 25, 2012. Me & Kexin went for diving course at Tioman, Tekek Island with zp and uncle see.
It was an amazing experience, I have never imagine how’s the life in underwater world, apart from watching it from tv or aquarium.
On April 22, we arrived Tekek Island around 9am, and started our theory lesson (watching video) in the morning. 3pm was our first shore dive! We learn the techniques to set-up equipment and to carry a 25kg cylinder! no joke :D
The fact is, things in underwater world appear 30% larger! I always thought that I will hit or kick the coral but in fact I’m 3m away from them…..
The next day we did 2 more shore dive and skills learning. And we also have the chance to do our first boat dive, going to 18m deep sea. At first, to do back roll entry look so scary, but eventually I really enjoy that feeling when you drop in the water… duummpp! 
Back roll entry! Look scary but is fun! (source from google image)
We ascent to the sea by using rope, from nothing to a place where full of fish, corals, sea urchin…. and also sunken ship…
After 4 days 3 nights of training, we both become a diver successfully! Thank you si fu: Abect, who trained us patiently, and his not-so-strict style of training :D
Conclusion is, dive safe, to enjoy the ultimate joyful moment when you are swimming with fish.
This is how underwater world look like! is true! (source from google image)

Please remember to soak all equipment with tap water after every dive :)

Yay! With instructor - Abect and Kexin

Last night we were having BBQ meal as our dinner. BBQ prepared by Abect group. Love the potato salad (Jap style) and also very cheap beer!

On the way back home. Love the color of sunset.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Midori Traveller's Notebook

I always love notebook and diary… even though with the techi world now, with everyone a smart phone on hand, yet I still prefer to preserve the feeling of holding them, putting them on my handbag, the scent of real paper….. I love to write, and the feeling of holding pen/ pencil to write or scribble on a paper always feel good to me.
I was using Moleskin as my diary/ schedule book for the last 3 years, recently I found this Midori Traveller Notebook on a book published by Taiwanese, that book is talk about “notebook-holic”. This notebook is from Japan, leather is made in Chiang Mai.
I visited the website of this notebook, the descriptions and appearance attracted me, especially with plenty of inserts that can be add into this flexible notebook. It is a notebook with a leather cover (black or dark brown), a rubber band to hold more than one insert.. for the insert part, you can have it in diary form, notebook with grid line, blank, lines, etc…
Unfortunately, this products can’t be find in Malaysia, the only way is to get this overseas, eg. Shanghai, Hong Kong,  Taiwan etc. OR you can get this through online store which provide worldwide shipping. The price to get from online store is around RM 200 per notebook which come with:
Cotton Bag / H240 x W150mm
Leather Cover / H218 x W130 x D10mm
Blank notebook (64 pages) / H210 x W110mm
Spare Rubber Band / Red (13714006 Black), Orange (13715006 Brown)
One of my friend is going Japan next month, I’m asking her to get it for me, which is a lot cheaper to get from Japan and faster…. Will share more when I get on hold with it! :)