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Friday, October 26, 2012

Year 2012

This year seems to be running very fast, November is coming soon. November end I will be heading to Hangzhou + Shanghai, when I'm back, I know I will see Christmas decoration everywhere. So, 2013 is approaching! WOW!

What have I done for this year? 

Well, work are not that tough, but not that easy as well. Indeed selling an over 200, 000 RM kitchen to rich people is stressful, especially during the installation period till the completion. Anyway at least I got to stay for 2 more years, I need those commission to sustain my life, and to expand Tabiyo.

Oh, talk about Tabiyo. Tabiyo is my new "baby" which born on June 12, 2012 :) This is an online shop operate by me and my secondary school mate :) We spend almost 2 months time to make it ready online, research, get stocks etc. Thanks to my full time job, I have some free time to prepare everything and thanks god within this 4 months we have orders coming in from people who love the main products - Midori Traveler's Notebook. 

We are now looking around to add in more products in Tabiyo, which is my so called "hobby". I think I'm seriously in love with different kind of notebook and stationary, especially those with high quality, and from Japan. 

I'm looking forward for more challenges on 2013, and also get ready for more stuff coming in to Tabiyo! Thanks for your continuous support all these while! Feel free to visit www.tabiyo.bigcartel.com. 

How about yours? :D