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Saturday, June 27, 2009

i need a break!

Due to H1N1 outbreak, my so called 'company trip' to sydney forced to be postpone!!! oh gosh, i lost my last opportunity to have vacation! i thought this will be my NEAREST vacation (supposed to do it end of July), but unfortunately... it has been push to so far.............. :(
i wanna go for a break! (shouting)

why H1N1 disturb my life? i have been caught into this little tiny cage, cant i just fly out for just a while....... is this difficult? why so hard to achieve? sighz...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Haji Lane

've heard about this place- Haji Lane for quite some time, and finally i'm able to visit this place last week. Haji lane is a stretch of old shophouse, fill with fashionable boutiques (by local designer), nice interior deco and exterior deco with some grafitti, and mostly with nice concept/ theme behind. very stylish fashion, and there is this 'shisha' activities which is very hip over there.

Monday, June 22, 2009



我讨厌等待未来 却不想时间流逝得那么快



Thursday, June 18, 2009

travel plan

i've been 'moody' for the past few days, 'moody' w/o any reasons, and finally i find out the reason behind.

look at my calendar, and i discover that i have not go for any holiday/ a proper break for more than 1 year! since last may 2008, i went to phuket... until today, is 13 months!

yes, i know i'm going to sydney end of next month. however it is a company trip, and i believe i can't discover much by myself thru this trip. besides 2 days of Saturday Indesign exhibition (http://www.saturdayindesign.com.au) which organize at Sydney- july 31 and aug 1.
So, what else i expect?!

i browsed thru internet for cheap airfare ticket, for my "SINGLE BACK-PACKER" trip, which have been rolling in my mind since last year. to travel alone is so excited and much much freedom, but i must make sure my destination is safe enough and not much communication problem, thus my list is always this three: hong kong, taiwan or japan!

well, japan trip is kinda expensive and need longer vacation, but the air tickets seems like getting cheaper recently. which rate about sgd 600 for return air ticket (i shld go to tokyo by spending sgd dollars, so that i won't feel that 'heartpain' if i going to spend it in RM :D.. so i have to do it by next year ya!)

ok, now i have 2 location in my mind:

First: Hong Kong!

i wish to visit their lomo embassy :) to get cheaper lomo for sure. and i love hong kong food, cha chan teng, i miss hk fashion, hk boutique, hk music, hk people, hk cantonese... etc... and the airticket to hk is cheaper, which is abt sgd 300..... but i have been there 2 years ago.. should i go there again???

Second: Taiwan!!!!

i hope to visit taiwan lomo embassy (same reason as hk) :P and all the concept stores (cafe, boutique, goodies...etc..), good street food, good village, site seeing, and......... well, the airticket is slightly more expensive than hk, which is range from sgd 400.... but i've not ben there before.. shld i....?
ok, my target travel day is mid september.... :) i really hope i can achieve that....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


To welcome the "heat" blow from Grand Singapore Sales (GSS)...... besides busy working, recently i'm busy with ebay!

why ebay? well, i'm selling all my used and un-used items (cds, perfume, bags etc..), trying to clear my belongings in singapore, in order to lighten my "burden" before i leave here, and also to earn some extra $$$ :) please don't say i'm 贪新忘旧, as i'm not selling them coz i got myself NEW stuff.
see, im doing my 'homework' and now u know how big is my determination to say goodbye to here!

above: this bunch of cds (which i bought many years ago, stored in my wardrobe and collecting dust), i was trying to sell it by ebay, but failed!
thus, i sell those to a cdshop here (Gramaphone) who collect used cds. guess how much i sell? is SGD 19! for about 20 pcs. Sounds good, at least i gain something.

fyi: for people who would like to sell used cds, u can drop by to Gramaphone, the price per disc is varies from 50cents to $5, depends on the conditions and title...

Monday, June 15, 2009

June, the 2nd weekend

Went for dinner with long time no see's MIKI at PS Cafe- Palaise Renaissance. this is my 2nd time there, the first time was for dessert, and this time is for dinner + dessert. love this place, as the ambience is good, nice interior and not crowded if compared with others places (esp when this place is situated at orchard -.-)

nice flower (no idea what flower is this) on each table


their 'catch of the day'
Guess my 3rd time be there will be solely for dessert, as their dinner course is quite costly :)

went for Kuriya @ Raffles shopping centre last friday, nice food too!
From top left clockwise: california maki, nasu + miso, ise ebi salada.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009







Sunday, June 7, 2009



之前系旧公司,为左公司好,同埋对上头及其他team member的交代,所以为了系pitching中打败对手,而通宵达旦,埋头苦干。。。

做我们呢行,再加上现在的时势,‘pitching’ 的确是不可不存在。客户要比较价钱,比较策略,比较设计,比较专业,比较。。。统统都要拿来比较。一时会觉得好矛盾,以前的设计师是这样的吗?设计师不是好稀有,点解现在周围的人都自认系设计师,设计公司开左一间又一间?

可以遇到一个会尊重自己身为一个设计师的,始终唔简单,当遇到时,当然会‘咬住唔放’。。(虽然始终搞不清楚究竟他是真正欣赏自己的才华/ 专业,或好似青话,他另有企图? )


Thursday, June 4, 2009

all about food

i love food. esp fine dining & dessertssss.... i think what i "gain" at singapore is all about food. haha, singapore have varieties of restaurant, from chinese food, bunches of japanese restaurant, to even mediteranean food, or russian food. below are some shots that i took before i munch them :)

p/s: those are my history pictures, not munch them all in 1 time for sure :P

> NYDC, mud pie.... yummy!

> Ben & Jerry's mouth-watering ice-cream

> 1 of the ice-cream store at Suntec City

> Dozo Japanese fine dining @ rivervalley point

> gillman village

> prinsep street (italian restaurant)

> my lovely PS cafe @ Dempsey hill (brunch sandwich set)

> vivo city, one of the western food restaurant. the yellow color things is.......... (make a guess!)

> a japanese restaurant at Gallery Hotel, nice ambience, and ....... handsome japanese manager :)
why fine dining?
i appreciate food can be an art also, when the chef decorate and put them alltogether nicely. i respect their professionalism!
why dessert?
well, just simply like it. it makes people HAPPY! :)