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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


To welcome the "heat" blow from Grand Singapore Sales (GSS)...... besides busy working, recently i'm busy with ebay!

why ebay? well, i'm selling all my used and un-used items (cds, perfume, bags etc..), trying to clear my belongings in singapore, in order to lighten my "burden" before i leave here, and also to earn some extra $$$ :) please don't say i'm 贪新忘旧, as i'm not selling them coz i got myself NEW stuff.
see, im doing my 'homework' and now u know how big is my determination to say goodbye to here!

above: this bunch of cds (which i bought many years ago, stored in my wardrobe and collecting dust), i was trying to sell it by ebay, but failed!
thus, i sell those to a cdshop here (Gramaphone) who collect used cds. guess how much i sell? is SGD 19! for about 20 pcs. Sounds good, at least i gain something.

fyi: for people who would like to sell used cds, u can drop by to Gramaphone, the price per disc is varies from 50cents to $5, depends on the conditions and title...

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