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Thursday, June 18, 2009

travel plan

i've been 'moody' for the past few days, 'moody' w/o any reasons, and finally i find out the reason behind.

look at my calendar, and i discover that i have not go for any holiday/ a proper break for more than 1 year! since last may 2008, i went to phuket... until today, is 13 months!

yes, i know i'm going to sydney end of next month. however it is a company trip, and i believe i can't discover much by myself thru this trip. besides 2 days of Saturday Indesign exhibition (http://www.saturdayindesign.com.au) which organize at Sydney- july 31 and aug 1.
So, what else i expect?!

i browsed thru internet for cheap airfare ticket, for my "SINGLE BACK-PACKER" trip, which have been rolling in my mind since last year. to travel alone is so excited and much much freedom, but i must make sure my destination is safe enough and not much communication problem, thus my list is always this three: hong kong, taiwan or japan!

well, japan trip is kinda expensive and need longer vacation, but the air tickets seems like getting cheaper recently. which rate about sgd 600 for return air ticket (i shld go to tokyo by spending sgd dollars, so that i won't feel that 'heartpain' if i going to spend it in RM :D.. so i have to do it by next year ya!)

ok, now i have 2 location in my mind:

First: Hong Kong!

i wish to visit their lomo embassy :) to get cheaper lomo for sure. and i love hong kong food, cha chan teng, i miss hk fashion, hk boutique, hk music, hk people, hk cantonese... etc... and the airticket to hk is cheaper, which is abt sgd 300..... but i have been there 2 years ago.. should i go there again???

Second: Taiwan!!!!

i hope to visit taiwan lomo embassy (same reason as hk) :P and all the concept stores (cafe, boutique, goodies...etc..), good street food, good village, site seeing, and......... well, the airticket is slightly more expensive than hk, which is range from sgd 400.... but i've not ben there before.. shld i....?
ok, my target travel day is mid september.... :) i really hope i can achieve that....

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