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Saturday, June 27, 2009

i need a break!

Due to H1N1 outbreak, my so called 'company trip' to sydney forced to be postpone!!! oh gosh, i lost my last opportunity to have vacation! i thought this will be my NEAREST vacation (supposed to do it end of July), but unfortunately... it has been push to so far.............. :(
i wanna go for a break! (shouting)

why H1N1 disturb my life? i have been caught into this little tiny cage, cant i just fly out for just a while....... is this difficult? why so hard to achieve? sighz...


  1. what? postponed becos of H1N1? too bad lar...

  2. Australia is high risk place now~better not going. You will risk you lifetime for not able to travel next time. Haha~

  3. what to do.. hope H1N1 can cure real soon! take care guys!