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Sunday, May 13, 2012

First diving experience

Beautiful sea & sky

April 22 – 25, 2012. Me & Kexin went for diving course at Tioman, Tekek Island with zp and uncle see.
It was an amazing experience, I have never imagine how’s the life in underwater world, apart from watching it from tv or aquarium.
On April 22, we arrived Tekek Island around 9am, and started our theory lesson (watching video) in the morning. 3pm was our first shore dive! We learn the techniques to set-up equipment and to carry a 25kg cylinder! no joke :D
The fact is, things in underwater world appear 30% larger! I always thought that I will hit or kick the coral but in fact I’m 3m away from them…..
The next day we did 2 more shore dive and skills learning. And we also have the chance to do our first boat dive, going to 18m deep sea. At first, to do back roll entry look so scary, but eventually I really enjoy that feeling when you drop in the water… duummpp! 
Back roll entry! Look scary but is fun! (source from google image)
We ascent to the sea by using rope, from nothing to a place where full of fish, corals, sea urchin…. and also sunken ship…
After 4 days 3 nights of training, we both become a diver successfully! Thank you si fu: Abect, who trained us patiently, and his not-so-strict style of training :D
Conclusion is, dive safe, to enjoy the ultimate joyful moment when you are swimming with fish.
This is how underwater world look like! is true! (source from google image)

Please remember to soak all equipment with tap water after every dive :)

Yay! With instructor - Abect and Kexin

Last night we were having BBQ meal as our dinner. BBQ prepared by Abect group. Love the potato salad (Jap style) and also very cheap beer!

On the way back home. Love the color of sunset.

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  1. Like! Thank you for sharing your dive experience :)