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Friday, July 10, 2009

get away soon!

So finally i have made the decision to travel alone, and the destination is to my favourite country - Hong Kong.
2 days ago, i'm still not sure whether to travel alone ornot, browsing the internet for reserch.... while doing my budgeting on this "get away trip", the airticket is $348 (before insurance & admin fees) quoted by jetstar. and yesterday, when i re-browsed again... just 1 night different, and the price is amazingly lower! i met jetsaver! return airticket is only $213! plus $17 (travel insurance) & $6 admin fees, the total cost is $236, which is $114 cheaper! if excluded travel insu + admin fees, it is $137 cheaper!
well, i know i din save anything, as i'm spending money!

anyway, i'm excited. 30 days more to wait for my 5 days 4 nights getaway! :)

Hong Kong, here i come....

(i'm totally forget about the H1N1 desease.... but seems like nobody care, right?)


  1. 30 days more? Woop~we are going to HK as well. Counting down 30 days as well~! Haha.

  2. oh really.. that's great! :D
    but.... i've calculated my countdown wrongly, shld be 38 days more from today -.-||
    i'm flying on 20 aug, how abt u guys?

  3. Haha, 20 Aug is the day we go back~:p

  4. haha. then we might meet at HK airport then :P