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Friday, July 24, 2009


Is July 24! time flies, and im ready to go for my trip... oh ya, forgot to update you all that my sydney trip is remain back to track. my boss (frank) told me last week, that we will still go for this trip, since H1N1 is considered as 'worldwide disease' now. we are not going to pay for admin fees to cancel 4 flight tickets and also not going to lose this chance to attend the design exhibition. so, the final decision has made.
they (frank, his wife n little daughter) will depart tmr am, and i will only depart by myself on tues evening.
last night, i bought myself a new luggage, as my prev luggage is old and is canvas made, not so good for travelling esp when it is raining! this new luggage is very fanciful (don't you think so?), and it is PINK! in fact, i will try to avoid pink color, no matter for apparel, personal belongings, etc... but this is the nicest color i found. the other 2 available colors are yellow (mustard yellow), and black.

here is goes.. my brand new pink luggage.

i started to gather some necessary items for trip, all samples are very good to use for travelling! p/s: i bought mask for myself.. just in case...

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