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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lomo x2!

Received my early birthday present from my dearest boss, Frank. Thanks for completing my collection, and thanks for making my life busier.. ! Each of them will be my companion for all my travel around the world :)
Here it goes: 2 new members: Diana F+ (Snow Cat special edition) & Action Sampler

My collection: Supersampler (top one in blue) - why it is in a plastic? The material for this supersampler is not that good, as it made by rubber. When time goes by (this is my first lomo which bought 2 years ago), the rubber become sticky! and i can't hold it properly. So.. seldom use it anymore :(
mini Diana F+ - bought this at HK on aug, very nice & cute outlook.. it has another name - baby Diana ;D
However, i still wish for another camera, a digital camera... Lumix GF-1! and i believe this will even complete my shooting life :D


  1. If you want to get GF-1, go HK get it. Only HK and Japan have white version. If not, wait few more months, there will be new model coming out.

  2. hehe, thanks for your info. but i guess my pocket needs to wait for few more mths.. or even a year :D