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Saturday, September 4, 2010

At Sounkyo Youth Hostel

June 25 - 26, 2010

Before I left my host family to Tokyo...
We took photos.. and Otousan brought me and Yatsu san to Kogen Onsen..

This is our guest, his transport to travel around Hokkaido is: BICYCLE! I always impressed by all this backpackers who can be very brave, and adventurous! I wish I can be one them one day! :)
(Photo taken in front of reception counter of Sounkyo Youth Hostel)

Yakiniku session for our lunch, I tried lamb, but that is not my favourite :P

This is Kogen Onsen, which located on a hill, about 1200m from floor. From here, you can see peak of mountain clearly. And, I guess this will be very amazing experience if you have the onsen during winter!

Sounkyo Youth Hostel - the place where I stay & work for 3 weeks. Very nice environment, I love my host, and all the guest..

Hokkaido has lots of deer and bear. You can see deer easily, and my host always told me there are plenty of deer outside our hostel. However, I never have the chance to see any of them in that 3 weeks, until the last day I stay there! Both of them were eating plants outside our hostel.

I love all the meals that prepared by Okaasan... which suit my taste very much!

And, she is my okaasan. very expert in cooking and she spend almost 3/4 of her day in kitchen!
My host. Photo taken on my last day.. early morning...

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