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Sunday, September 19, 2010


June, 26th, 2010. Welcome to Tokyo!! 

My first day at Tokyo - Reached Haneda airport around 12 noon, and by taking train, I reached hostel safety, and I met up with Lee Ming - my secondary school mate who study at Hiroshima - she took 14 hours of bus all the way from Hiroshima to Tokyo! :)

At this half day at Tokyo, we went Shibuya - Jyugaoka - Shibuya and back to Asakusa.

Tawaraguchi - the nearest JR train from my hostel

Shibuya - many many many people.. all of them are so pretty and good looking!

Jyugaoka - one of the place that i like the most at Tokyo, because over there is lesser people

Very delicious dessert.. cakes.... !

Yummy but very expensive strawberry cake - 850 yen

Shibuya at night - still crowded..

Can this mask make my face smaller? ;p

Uniform.. :D
Lee Ming brought me to Izakaya, you pay for an amount, with free flow of alcohol for 2 hours, and 9 courses meal.. i love the various flavours of Umeshu.
Here it goes.. Lee Ming was asking for bill
Ranking Queen - you can find the best selling stuff from this shop.. anything from mineral water to electronic items.

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