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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sydney trip

let's briefly talk about my sydney trip....

i depart from singapore changi airport on 28th july 2009, 7.50pm by Qantas air. the plane delayed for almost an hour, due to some un-forseen circumstances. sydney is 2 hours in advanced compared with singapore.. so, it took about 7 hrs flight, and finally i reached sydney airport on 6.30am. after been thru all the custom checking etc. i took train (city rail) to Chatswood station, where Frank's friend is staying.
the first day was quite tiring as i couldn't sleep well in plane, and i only able to back to hotel for a good sleep ard 10pm at night :(

(VTB Building)

we went to fish market and also karen's parent house at Kurara for dinner. very nice old couple and they keep serving us nice dishes. :) their house is VERY big, and i like their structures and also those raw materials.

2nd day: we went to sydney opera house, the rock, and darling harbour.
3rd day: the first day of Saturday In Design, organized by a magazine called INDESIGN, which features mostly archi/ interior/ furniture design. i was overwhelmed when i saw all those design appeared just right in front of me. as usully we only able to see those from magazines/ web.

at night, we met Billy (Frank's friend) for dinner. very nice dinner at a Japanese Yakiniku restaurant. i guess that meal is the nicest and contented meal i ever had in Sydney. Besides that, we went to a chill-out place at town area, which is Establishment and xxx (i forgot the name :( ) both are very nice place.
4th day: the 2nd day of Saturday In Design. keep overwhelming... ;D
5th day: last day at Sydney, went for the last shopping (for souvenirs & foods) at the mall nearby.

well, the overall trip is good, and i miss the coffee there, and the weather (is winter now!) there. i would like to go there again if there is chance, and i miss SaturdayInDesign too! :D
(for more photos, you can go to my facebook!)

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