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Friday, November 6, 2009

2010 Wish-List

Well, is November! December is approaching soon... i always love this festive season :)
Let me write down my wish-to-have lists.. whoever wants to 'sponsor' me, please kindly do so! (yes, i know i'm just dreaming~)

1. A moleskin 2010 diary. This is my MUST-HAVE item for 2010.

2. A new laptop- apple iMac (this is just a dream)

3. Horizon Kompakt (oh, i love the outcome of panaromic view....)

4. A Holga!

5. Alright, enough of 'toy' camera, let's be more 'HI-TECH"... This new Panasonic Lumic GF-1 in white attracted me alot...

6. And, be more hardworking..... A English/ chinese - Japanese electronic translator

7. Enough of hoping for so many gadgets.. let's be more girly-like.... A Miu-miu wallet!

8. and........... A............ Prada handbag

9. Lastly, a free air ticket to either JAPAN or TAIWAN!

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