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Thursday, November 12, 2009

let's run

i pick up running since 1.5 year ago. when i first started, yes, i run 30 mins, but i'm those who run 5 mins, rest for 3 mins, and continue 5,3,5,3.. type, which is not a right way to do so! so.... i decided to join in uncle kelvin - my coursemate, who is a marathon runner. 8 mths ago, we join in this serious & hectic "singapore i-run" which is held nearby our office at Raffles Place, every tues & thurs 7pm, there will be a running session (3, 5, 7, 10km) which open for public. after i join in this, i can see plenty of 'athletic' who is damn serious about this, and i believe they all participate in half marathon 21km, or even full marathon 42km....

well, what i would like to express is.... in our daily life, we feel 30 mins or 1 hour is hard to pass, but in a non-stop 30mins running session, you will feel 1 min is damn hard to pass! anyway, running not only burn your fat, burn your calorie, some how help you to tone up abit... it does help to build your stamina, make you healthier, more glowing & energetic look alike, train your patience (as you will feel 1 min is slow like hell) and it does help you to distress! so, let's run! :D

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