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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tokyo - 自由が丘

Last Friday after work, went Starbucks at Central, Clarke Quay, which is just walking distance from my office. found a place to sit down, placed order for my cup of usual "non-fat, no wheat cream, tall size hot mocha", and a piece of cranberry orange bagel, holding my new bought TOKYO handbook from Kinokuniya, sat down quietly and concentrate on doing my research to TOKYO. even though i'm only staying there for 3 days 2 nights. but i have the habit to buy a tour book for every new journey, esp free & easy type, as i don't wish to waste my trip without doing research, and also to keep all tour book as one of the significant for my each travel :)
Thanks to 东京攻略 published by Taiwan Cite 城邦, i discover alot of fantastic & interesting shops, restaurant and cafe in tokyo!

i hope i can share with you guys each places that i feel is very interested me, and i would like to put them in my itinerary! hope it does help you all too! all the places that i mentioned here can reach by train.

Firstly, let's talk about:- JIYUGAOKA 自由が丘

PLAYER (http://shop.kawabe.co.jp/index.asp)

Player is a shop which manufactured multi-purposed bags, emphasized on multi-usage, and special design compartment to fit all purpose of usage. very convenient!
i personally love this type of BIG bag, material and shape, suprisingly, the price is not that expensive! which is ¥5,250, in less than RM200 you are able to get this lovely bag! :)

自由が丘swiss roll house (http://www.jiyugaoka-rollya.jp/index.html)

World no.1 shop which only sell swiss roll. Like the way they design this website by using hand-drawn / watercolor, very peaceful feel :)

SIX (www.presssix.jp)

A shop specialised in selling stationery imported from Europe, including items like postcards, antique cameras, poster.... i love stationery, so, this shop interested me alot! ;D

Stay tune for the next station! :)

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