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Monday, September 28, 2009

F1 Singapore Night Race

full of Ferrari merchandise

me standing on the road :)

Got a free pass from my coursemate for me to enter the 2nd year of F1 Singapore Night Race at town. Very amazing, as i can't imagine in this little country, how do they create such racing track? but they managed to! haha. of course, with some road closure and traffic jam, and create some trouble for us who work at CBD area.

6pm on 25th september, the first day of F1 walkabout (for racer to do training and take sequence), i started to hear the engine sound from my office building. I reached there at about 6.45pm by walking (very near huh).. and started to feel the "carnival-like" atmosphere, with alot of tents selling food/ beer/ F1 team merchandise etc....

this is my first time to watch F1 and i can feel the speeeeeed! very very fast!! :)

un-able to shoot a good photo using my compact digi camera, so, i better shoot some video instead. at least, can capture some :P

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  1. 要你买衣给我,真过意不去...