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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

chance is only one time. that's our life

Last weekend I saw this good designer from one of the magazine published in Malaysia. I was impressed by his design, so I browsed through his website since I’m currently looking for job, and I’m so lucky to find out that this Japanese company is currently looking for designer, and they are willing to accept non-Japanese. OK! This is such a good news for me, so I spend time and wrote a better resume in order to impress him.

This morning I emailed him my application, and surprisingly he replied me in just half day time. He threw me few questions, i.e. when can I start work; what is my expected salary; and he told me that their working hour usually is from 10:00 ~ 24:00, sometime work even on Sunday or Public Holiday, Japanese staff work non-stop working 365 days a day.
Such a long working hour right? Ok, I don’t mind since I love design, and if I can learn more things from them. I told him my expected salary is RM5000 ~ RM6000 since the working hour is so long, but it is negotiable.

He replied me in less than 5 minutes:
K: sorry, your proposed fees is too high than my other local employee. Thanks for your interest. (very un-approachable reply)

OK, so I replied him:
Y: please tell me what is the fee that you are looking at? I will try to adjust if possible.

Again, he replied me in less than 5 minutes:
K: It’s OK, chance is only one time. That’s our life. Thank you for interest, anyway.

When I receive his replied, I really feel so shock, and speechless.
Why are Japanese always so strict?
Why can’t they give people chance?
That is ridiculous! I feel so fed-up, and I cannot take it because this is such a drastic change of emotion for just 30 minutes!

> Excited to receive his reply;
> Carefully reply to his question;
> Patiently waiting for his reply;
> Shocked to see his no-emotion reply;
> Fed-up when he told me chance is only one time and that’s our life!

Ok, I think I should just reply him one more time:

Y: Yes, I understand the process of tender and meeting new customer. However I believe chance will always give to person who is sincere. Anyway, thanks for your quick reply, hope to see more of your great design again.

Cool down cool down..... cool down...


  1. 那么没人情得话,不在那边做也罢。

  2. 哈哈!没有什么事就不要去starhill gallery的basement ok?! ;p

  3. when he saw you salary, got scare loh. he is paying kacang putih for the many hours the local work. lucky you never work for him or else you never see the sun shine. anyway japanese coy no compassion one.