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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

♥ Japan

First of all, let me do some brief introduction about my 'intimate' relationship between myself & Japan. People who don't know me surely don't know that i'm quite crazy about Japan. Everything about Japan, from human til sake.

The first time i ate Japanese food was when I'm secondary school, 2 of my sisters brought me to Allson Hotel @ Seremban (now become Adelphi) to try this Japanese buffet lunch. My very first time with Japanese food!! i don't take raw food and i only ate tenpura. After that, i don't have much memory about that.

Until i reach singapore 8 years ago to do my study here. Due to money constraint, i have to find part time job to earn pocket money T.T, which i don't regret at all, as i feel so happy during that time :)
My elder sister recommended me to work in a Japanese restaurant where she has a friend who work as sushi chef over there. Plenty of Japanese customers go there for dinner, esp those lonely + 'ham sap' Japanese ojisan. hahahah.
I started to involve into their japanese culture - almost 90 degrees bow, very polite, always HAI!, act ka-wa-i smile.. start to fall in love with Japanese food, start to eat sashimi *yummy!* ..and my first time to get in touch with alcohol is warm sake, which almost make me shut down after a few glasses of that...
after 2 years of work, i quit and joined in another Japanese restaurant which offer higher paid. 2 of the bosses are japanese, obviously, they tend to attract more regular japanese customers, and i met my very best friend in Singapore - Miki who is working as full-timer there :)

Besides working, I decided to take part time course in Japanese language due to all above mentioned items. after almost 4 years, I'm still not an expert, which make me quite frustrated some time :( so, i will work harder by self-study this year!

OK sorry, back to my main topic. Well, guess the most interesting life i gain in Singapore is I get to know more about Japan. But, after waited for so many years, finally i received this fabulous information from my classmate - Jun San regarding this exchange programme - WWOOF. I don't need to spend a lot (which is my main concern for not travel to Japan after so many years), i pay for my own airticket and other transportation/ pocket money, i help my host to work, and in return, they will provide me with free meals & accomodation!

After a long research on CHEAP air ticket fly to Japan, finally i have made my mind! Tour will start from 6th June - 30th June! and I will have a long break after so many years of work!

The place that I'm heading to is Hokkaido - a place named "Sounkyo 層雲峡" (the kanji name sound like those old martial movie right..haha).. I have totally no idea where is this place! But i know i'm going to a host who own a backpacker hostel over there, and this is a place full of natural resources ♥

From what i 'google', guess this place is very famous for their 'onsen' - hot spring!!! beautiful waterfall, valley and mountain climbing... wohooo~ ♥

Pictures speak a thousand words ♥


  1. Hi 5!!! I'm crazy about Japan too... So C.R.A.Z.Y. about it since I was 7 though I've never been there before... I'm afraid once I've visited Japan, I'll never ever want to move anymore :p

  2. oh my god. haha, then i have to be careful and make sure i will not 赖死吾走!:P